From Past to Today orthocare


Famous Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert says: "We have a brain for one reason and one reason only — and that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements." Humans are meant to move and musculoskeletal system is the base for the human movement. We aim to support your move with Orthocare orthopaedics!


For over years, our team has been distributing innovative products and focusing on new technologies.


After long and successful experiences in distribution, Arden was established as a manufacturer of orthopaedics and rehabilitation products in the heart of Turkey, in the city of Ankara.

We started to manufacture under our brand name orthocare.


Thanks to our new factory, production capasity has been increased and now we are present throughout the national territory and worldwide.

Quality, which is one of the priorities of orthocare®, can easily be seen from the specific materials used. The lines, such as Air-X, comfort, polypropylene, microfiber tactel are made of materials which are developed only for orthopaedics or sport supports.

Not only the innovative materials but also the function of supports which are provided by anatomical designs and wide size ranges ensure the satisfaction of both patients and physicians.

When the quality and the function are blended with the sensitivity in over all manufacturing, orthocare is positioned as a reference in the market.  

Through constant updates, researches and innovations, our team works in an integrated and responsible manner.


That is why we make difference!

What orthocare Orthopeadics Offers You?

  • Anotomical and functional designs

Designs developed with specialists, therapists, retailers, hospitals and clinics

  • Special innovative breathing fabrics

Air-X, comfort, microfiber, tactel and polypropilene materials to provide moisture transport and breathing.

  • Broad range of products

Support and stabilise the muscles and joints (back, knee, ankle, elbow,wrist …) for varius complaints.

  • Wide variety of sizes

Provide best compliance together with optimum compression

  • Elegance and comfort

Perfect in wear by user friendly and special breathing fabrics, elagance by gentle design

  • Best possible medical treatment

Promote mobility with supporting joints and musscles thanks to supports with widespread indications.

  • Sensitivity in overall manufacturing

Fabrics, yarns, accessories,… all materials are selected with high care to provide premium quality and and function.