Engaging with the environment, being active in life sometimes may result in injury.

Injuries and pain are the normal part of the life but living with pain and injuries is not normal.


External supports/braces, if used appropriately may provide several benefits including proprioceptive support, compression, and pain-free movement. Clinical evidence supports brace use to improve pain and functional ability and braces have been shown to improve the quality of life.

Let your body breathe!

AirX is an innovative, latex-free alternative to neoprene, foam and elastics.

AirX is highly breathable, and comfortable to the skin, leading to increased patient comfort and compliance.
AirX offers the support without the issues of moisture build up. The ideal solution for the orthopaedic and sports medicine.

- 4-way stretch
- High breathable
- Effective moisture vapour transport
- Low weight
- Latex free
- Heat mouldable
- Rigid surface

Breathing knitted technology!

- Breathable
- Moisture transport
- Highly elastic
- Perfect compliance due to specially knitted zones
- Massage effect of compressive fabric
- Easy to wear and use
- Comfortable

Smart fabric! 

- Vapor transport
- High breathable
- Lightweight
- Anti-allergical
- Anti-electrostatic
- Insensitive to absorb liquids (tranfers moisture)
- Anti-smell
- Resistance to light

Breathing knitted technology!

- Breathable: provide moisture vapour transport
- Skin friendly: much more comfortable than all other
- Provide high patient compliance
- Durable and elegant


Mode of Action

Provides support from pelvis to mid thoracal region, gives feed back for postural alignment and movement patterns.


Skin friendly, breathability and high quality elasticity thanks to the fine fabric, easy to fit and remove due to practical velcro system and hand loops, higher stabilisation with adjustable straps, tightening thanks to the additional strap, supported with steel stays.